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Adventures With Allyson: Adulthood Summer

Wassup Arrowheads?! We’re going on another adventure today!

This summer marks my first summer that I’ve had to work full-time, being that I just graduated from college in May. And, after spending my previous 22 summers not having to take summer courses, or only working part-time as a tutor at my local community college, I’ve had to do some major adjusting.

The aspect that’s hit me hardest is my sleep schedule. I’m used to staying up past eleven or later, reading or writing most of the time. Being that I have to wake up around six or six-thirty during the week now, that’s had to come to an end, even though I still can’t manage to fall asleep before midnight most nights. Thus, I’ve been bringing coffee with me to work every single morning. 😛

Then there’s the fact that all freetime comes after five-thirty, when I get home from work. I’m thankful that God provided me with a job that’s only twenty-five to thirty minutes away from my house, but I miss being able to go swimming during the day, or taking random trips to the beach. And sleeping in until nine or ten!

But, all of this Adulthood stuff didn’t really start sinking in until I was cleaning out my room the other day. I still had pocketbooks in my closet from middle school, a magnadoodle toy stashed somewhere, and all kinds of stuffed animals. Then I came across some of my writing from middle school and high school; poems I wrote about crushes I never knew would fizzle out, songs I wrote about people who never cared. I just realized this week that I no longer talk to anyone I was friends with in high school. It seems that Adulthood has just grabbed us all by the horns and has taken control.

But you know what? Even though I’m as nostalgic as they come and will forever cherish my childhood, I’m kind of excited to see where life is going to take me in years to come. 23 has been amazing so far: I’ve self-published my first novel, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, and got my first full-time job within the first few months. Only God knows what amazing things could come next! Who knows? I could be married and have kids of my own within the next decade. I could have four or five books published by then. Heck, maybe I could even become a bestselling author? Whatever story God has written for me, I know it’s going to be amazing, and I’m beyond excited to see it fulfilled!

-Allyson 😀

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday: Arrowhead

Good afternoon, Arrowheads! Today, I’ve got a short little Flash Fiction piece for y’all that offers another hint as to why I named this blog Authoring Arrowheads! So, without further preamble, here’s Arrowhead!



When I was younger, my absolute favorite place to explore was my grandparents’ yard. As far back as I can remember, my older cousin, Rider, and I would make forts out of befallen tree limbs and climb the trees that decorated the entire front lawn. Other times, we would simply choose to dig holes in the dirt driveway path.

One day as I was sketching my name into the dry dirt using a twig as my writing instrument, Rider called me over to a hole he’d been digging. After all our days of pretending we’d find buried treasure, my cousin crouched down and dusted off the object he’d found, cradling it in his hands before presenting it to me.

“What kind of rock is that?” I can still picture myself asking, too young to realize the significance of the find.

“It’s not a rock, Dingbat,” Rider replied in his usual brash way, through grinning in the process. “It’s an arrowhead! Native Americans used them to hunt way back when. A lot of people find them up around the mountains near Tennessee, but I’ve never found one around here before!”

Since then, Rider’s had me thinking. I want to find another arrowhead. After all these years I’ve spent sifting through dirt and grime, I’m looking forward to pushing back that last dirt clod, that last obstacle, before reaching out to collect the fruits of my labor. It’ll be rare, and it’ll be beautiful. The thing is, it’s hard for someone to come across such a miracle so easily.

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Wonderful World of Writing

Author Q&A!


Hey there, Arrowheads! Today, I’m opening up an author Q&A! If you have any questions for me, please comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible; my schedule is jam packed right now, as I am starting a new job and finishing up my last semester of college.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

-Allyson 🙂

My Arrowheads

Arrowheads: Who is Brett Harvey?

So far, I’ve introduced you to Riley and Carter. This afternoon, get ready to meet our Arrowhead from the junior class at Linwood Whaley High:  Brett Harvey!


Brett Harvey is your classic southern boy: full of charm and athletic ability. He is the quarterback on the Linwood Whaley High football team, and has led his team to victory on many occasions. His best friends are Sawyer Alston and Will Shepard, who are featured more prominently in one of my current Works In Progress (WIPs), The Crush.

Brett lives next door to Riley, but never talked to her until the first day of her freshman year at Linwood Whaley High. Being somewhat vain, he opted to keep his acquaintance with Riley unknown to others, until he discovered that her appearance changed for the better over summer vacation.

Besides football, Brett enjoys Brady Dunham movies (fictional actor; similar in nature to Will Ferrell style comedy), and hanging out and doing stupid things with his friends. Overall, I believe he experiences the most development among all of the characters in Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl. 


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back on Friday for another Flash Fiction piece!


Have any suggestions for future posts? Feel free to comment below!

-Allyson 🙂

My Arrowheads

Arrowheads: Who is Carter Pickett?

Welcome back, Arrowheads! Today I’ll be introducing you to one of the main characters in Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina GirlCarter Pickett!




Carter Pickett

First and foremost, I apologize for not giving Carter a middle name. It’s not that I was lazy (well, maybe I was), but I’m extremely particular about naming my characters, and I’ve already found the absolute perfect middle name for Carter… reserved for my future son if God allows me to have children once I’m married.

So yeah, I’m taking the Nicholas Sparks risk of wanting to name my kids after my characters. But, whatever. At least Carter Pickett is a good influence!

Carter Pickett, like Riley Houston, is a  reformed nerd. Well, just in his outward appearance. In middle school, Carter was shorter than the other guys in his grade, and was often bullied because he wasn’t good at sports. He had always felt insecure, until he met a girl at his best friend Trent’s birthday party during the 6th grade. This event inspired him pursue confidence in himself, which leads us to the beginning of the novel.

Carter’s is a major fan of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, often re-reading them in class and binge-watching the movies with Trent. He also enjoys riding four-wheelers (ATVs) with his dad down the path near his house. Being a quintessential southern boy, Carter takes part in Agriculture and Shop classes at Linwood Whaley High, where he is one of the top-ten students in the freshman class.

Due to his history of being the butt of the joke in middle school, Carter is socially awkward and has a self-deprecating sense of humor. In my mind, he’s most akin to Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, and this is why he’s always been my favorite character from my debut novel.


Thanks for reading, and check back here on Friday for another Flash Fiction piece!

-Allyson 😀

My Books

Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl: Now Available!

Happy birthday to me! 😀

Yes, today is my 23rd birthday, but graduating to another year of twenty-somethingness isn’t why I’m excited about posting today. As a birthday present to myself, I decided to make today the publication date for my debut novel, Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl!

I first started writing CBTHOACG the summer after my freshman year of high school, and finished it up around Christmastime of 2010. I left the file dormant on my laptop until March of last year, and the rest has been history. Since November, I’ve been doctoring my first-born novel up (yes, I know I sound like a crazy person; I’m not denying that XD ), and finished proofreading last week. Here’s the cover for my little baby:

*Country Momma Voice* Ain’t she purty? XD

So, please feel free to check out this product of my imagination!

In fact, here’s a quick little book trailer:

 Am I making a convincing marketing pitch yet? 😀

If so, here’s the Amazon link: Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl,
as well as the CreateSpace estore: Can’t Beat the Heart of Carolina Girl.


Thanks for stopping by today, Arrowheads! A huge thank you is in order to those of you who will actually take the time to buy/read Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl. I love you guys!

-Allyson 😀

Random Musings

Random Musing: 10 Common Courtesy Acts People Should Do

Welcome back, my lovely Arrowheads!

Today, I’m going to write the first installment of my random musing series, which isn’t necessarily a series as much as a bunch of random posts about mess I want to talk about. XD

That being said, *drum roll* here’s a list of 10 common courtesy acts people should know to do:

  1. Hold the door open for people. Maybe it’s because I’m from the South, but I was brought up to hold the door open for anyone, no matter their age or gender. In my mind, it’s just an act of respect for other people, especially if they have their hands full and don’t have a free hand to hold the door themselves.
  2. Use your turn signals while driving. Please, for the love of all that is holy, use your turn signals while driving. For the sake of everyone behind you, let them know in advance if you plan to slam on breaks and change course. Sorry if I sound like an absolute butt right now, but I spend a lot of time driving behind crazy people. XD
  3. Go the speed limit. Similarly to the point stated above, please at least go the speed limit while driving! I know there are certain situations in which you can’t go the full speed limit (farm equipment, hauling trailers, little old ladies who can’t see, etc.), but for the most part, there’s no need to drive 35 mph in a 55 zone, especially if it’s a two lane road. People behind you may need to get somewhere faster, and if they’re on a curvy road and can’t pass, well you’re acting as a menace to society.
  4. Don’t curse loudly in public. Yeah, I know in America we have freedom of speech, but not everyone wants to hear profanity. Even though society has pretty much grown immune to it, keep in mind that kids and elderly people are around to hear it as well. I may get some backlash for saying this, but cussing in public doesn’t make you cooler or smarter. Instead, it makes you look disrespectful.
  5. Bring food to get-togethers/potlucks. Whatever you want to call those parties where you gorge on delicious food, if you’re going to one, it’s common courtesy to bring a dish or dessert of your own. Yeah, we’re not all good cooks, but imagine if everyone assumed that everyone else was going to bring food, and then no one followed through. Yeah, so a store-bought cake doesn’t seem that bad now, right?
  6. Acknowledge wait staff. When you’re eating in a restaurant, please acknowledge the wait staff when they come to check on your table. That doesn’t mean flirt with them or make rude/obnoxious comments, but be civil and say “please” and “thank you” when speaking to them. Manners go a long way.
  7. Return your cart to the corral thingy. Nothing says “I don’t care” more than leaving a cart roaming free in the store parking lot. Unattended carts have the potential to ram into other cars, and having them strung out around the parking lot makes it hazardous and a hassle for other customers to park. So please, wherever you do your shopping, return your carts to the (as I call it) corral thingy in the parking lot. Other shoppers and drivers will thank you.
  8. Respect your elders and those in authority. This goes for teachers, professors, elderly people, grandparents, police officers, or anyone older than you or those who hold authority of some sort. I’m a senior in college right now, and I can’t believe how rudely some of my classmates talk to our professors. Our police officers and military are also being disrespected lately due to political stances. I could probably go into a long spiel about this, but please just be nice to your elders and people who hold positions of authority. It never hurts you to be respectful to someone, even if you may disagree with them.
  9. Listen. When people are talking to you, actively listen to what they are saying. I know it’s tempting to play on your phone while others are babbling on about something you don’t care about (I’ve done this before, too), but it’s rude whether we mean for it to be or not. Besides, you may learn something new if you listen once in a while.
  10. Don’t interrupt others. This point and the last point go hand-in-hand. If someone is talking, listen instead of interrupting them. As someone who has grown up being shy, it’s hard enough to talk to people without being constantly interrupted. If you’re continually being interrupted, then you’re going to just stop talking, right? Think of how you’d feel if you were trying to relay a story, and everyone keeps butting in? Not cool.


That’s it for today! Thanks for reading, and if you have any more Common Courtesy acts you want to discuss, please comment below! Check back with us on Authoring Arrowheads for future Random Musings, and other fun posts!

-Allyson 😀