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Word of the Year: Positivity

What’s up, Arrowheads? That’s right, I’m finally out of hiatus! *Fist bumps all around*

I apologize for being away for a few weeks, but as I said in my hiatus announcement, I was in a dark place as an author and even considered walking away from publishing my future books altogether. But, after some conversations with my family, boyfriend, and online author friends, I’m ready to keep pursuing self-publishing and am pumped to see what 2019 will hold.

2019 Word of the Year

This year, I’m going to try something new: instilling a word of the year for myself. After experiencing author depression after Speak Your Mind‘s release in November, and taking off most of December to evaluate my current situation, I decided I need a change. I’ve taken to watching YouTube videos by Abbie Emmons and Sarra Cannon (Heart Breathings)both of which promote a focus on mental health and positivity in the author community. For the majority of my life, I’ve been a negative person, and hoarding negative outlooks while trying to write, make a career as an author, and enjoy life outside of writing is a terrible mix. That’s what 2018 looked like for me, and I aim to change that this year by making my word of the year POSITIVITY.



Because “Positivity” just means the state of being positive, let’s see what “Positive” means instead.

A few summarized definitions from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary state that “Positive” means the following:

  • Fully assured or confident
  • Independent of changing circumstances
  • Characterized by affirmation rather than negation
  • Contributing toward progression
  • Having a good effect

These are the five pillars I would like to build the foundation of 2019 on.

In the past, I have struggled with low self-esteem. This year, I will try not to tear myself down and gain CONFIDENCE.

In the past, I have feared change. This year, I will work to remain stable and INDEPENDENT of changing circumstances.

In the past, I’ve been notably cynical about many things. This year, I will use AFFIRMATIONS to change that mindset.

In the past, I’ve allowed my negative mindset to become a time waster by feeling sorry for myself. This year, I will channel my aggression into PROGRESSION.

In the past, my negative nature has had disastrous effects on relationships, goals, and writing progress. This year, I will remain POSITIVE and see PROGRESS.


Do you have a word of the year? If not, try to brainstorm one you’d like to adopt for 2019, and share in the comments! Let’s try to make 2019 as bright as we can and shed some light on the world! ❤

Later Arrowheads,

-Allyson 😀


Random Musings

Random Musing: Party Hats

Y’all, is it just me, or were party hats more popular in the 90s? XD

So, my younger cousin turned five this weekend, and she had her birthday party yesterday. There were three little kids there, and nary a one wore their party hat. I mean, I know those things are painful; my cousin nearly popped herself with the elastic trying to put hers on for the half-second she wore it. But, you know, I thought back to the home movie I have of my 3rd birthday party (you know, literally 20 years ago XD ), and every single one of us wore those stupid hats back then. My boyfriend and I started laughing about it, but honestly, it made me think.

Kids were kids back in the 90s. We didn’t steal our parents’ cell phones to play games; we made up our own games in the backyard. We weren’t afraid to get dirty playing outside; now kids are stuck indoors all the time. Heck, I loved going outside as a kid, and now I’m like a hermit that hasn’t seen the sun in a million years.

I guess the point I’m trying to get at is that we don’t celebrate the simple things anymore. We buy loads of material things and dispose of them when we lose interest. We take lovely sunny days for granted and spend time indoors watching Netflix instead. Life is the party, but we won’t wear our hats because we’re too busy wearing an imaginary one from a Snapchat filter.

So, here’s my challenge to you, Arrowheads: Start wearing your party hats. Live like it’s your birthday everyday!

Just don’t party too hard. That ain’t what I meant. XD

Thanks for stopping by for another Random Musing! If you’d like to contribute to my random rant, please comment below; I’d love to hear from you guys! Check back on Wednesday, where I have an epic announcement for you guys! 😀

-Allyson 😀