Welcome to my WIP page! Take a peek below to find out what I’m writing now!

The Crush:

Currently in MAJOR revision mode. It was once a completely different story, and it’s slowly but surely morphing into something better. To keep it simple, it’s a story about a girl, Emery, whose greatest desire is to live her own love story that’s as great as the one her grandparents shared. When her path is crossed with a love cynic, she begins to question everything her grandma taught her about love. Will she ever experience love for herself, or will her heart break in the process?

Tentative completion date: June 2019 | Tentative release date: Late 2019/Early 2020

On the Flip Side:

Currently in its first few chapters, On the Flip Side focuses on twin sisters who are BFFs turned enemies all thanks to a manipulative relationship. With college soon approaching, it seems like they’ll never reconcile. When is it due out? Probably in the next couple years… it’s not too far along!

Tales of an Awkward Turtle:

Just a concept at the moment, Tales of an Awkward Turtle is a spin-off novel of Speak Your Mind, based on the main male character’s awkward older brother, Brandon. Though I haven’t even written the first chapter, I’ve been brainstorming for over a year, and I plan to include this adorable little snippet: The Journal.


Due to the way little Zeeb warmed his way into my heart while I was writing Speak Your Mind, I’ve greatly considered giving him his own novel. I’ll be working off his backstory, and it will hopefully include appearances by his Grahamwood Junior High pals. Like Tales of an Awkward Turtle, this novel is still a concept at the moment.

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